Mockingbird Soul by Brigitte DeMeyer and Will Kimbrough

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Two Of A Perfect Pair
Brigitte DeMeyer and Will Kimbrough – Mockingbird Soul

JANUARY 13, 2017

It takes a certain synergy for two artists to combine their talents and create what becomes a singular vision. singer/songwriter Brigitte DeMeyer and acclaimed instrumentalist Will Kimbrough have been friends and musical collaborators for several years, working together on and off on various projects and with other notables as well. It’s a bit strange then that Mockingbird Soul marks their first effort in tandem. Yet, in hearing the way they blend their voices, particularly on opening track “Everything” and the sweet and serene “I Can Hear Your Voice,” it’s all the more remarkable that they haven’t opted for a joint venture before now.

Indeed, when it comes to blues, soul and the rough-hewn Americana that originates in rootsier realms, the synergy seems second nature. “Broken Fences” and “Rainy Day” take a rustic approach that owes its origins to the sounds of the Louisiana bayou and the grittier southern surroundings that originally birthed the blues. Even when cloaked by mellower trappings — as evidenced in songs such as the lovely “Until Then” and the austere ballad “Little Easy” — the bluesy vibe dominates the proceedings entirely.

None of these additives comes as any surprise, but with the support of Oliver Wood and Chris Wood of the Wood Brothers, a band brewed with homegrown circumstance, the affinity for southern sensibilities clearly comes through. DeMeyer’s sassy sashay on “Honey Bee” and Kimbrough’s instrumental ability give the album an extra depth that the scant arrangements otherwise belie. An excellent introduction, Mockingbird Soul makes for a memorable move forward.