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“Louisiana” Featured on Wide Open Country

Premiere: Brigitte DeMeyer Pays Tribute to The Big Easy on ‘Louisiana’

By Bobbie Jean Sawyer

East Nashville and San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Brigitte DeMeyer honors the magic of New Orleans on “Louisiana,” the latest release from her forthcoming album Seeker (out March 26), produced by Jano Rix of The Wood Brothers.

“New Orleans, Louisiana. A mystic of cities. Every time I’m there a vibe follows me around like a ghost. Food tastes better. Music sounds better. I think I even sing better when I play there, or, am so lit up by the energy there I don’t care, so I actually do,” Meyer tells Wide Open Country. “The air is heavy, and there’s a flavor to everything. The streets are spooky, romantic, chipped and patina-ed. Little boys in derby hats with bottle caps attached to their shoes, tap dancing for tips, look at you like they are 100 years wiser than you’ll ever be. Second line parades waft in the mix, beignets that make you moan, street art, Cajun spices and accents, fortune tellers, and a belief in mojo, good and bad so strong it’s a religion. All that spells New Orleans, Louisiana, to me. The song Louisiana, is about a state of mind I get in, just thinking about the place. It is loaded.”

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