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“Seeker” Reviewed at Americana Boogie Radio

Brigitte DeMeyer
Seeker (BDM Music)

When you’re an accomplished singer and songwriter like Brigitte DeMeyer, inspiration seems to come quite naturally. With Seeker, her enticing new album, DeMeyer might have found her muse due to a variety of situations, some of them tangled and troubling. A move back to California from Nashville, family tragedy and an equestrian mishap created challenges that had to be overcome to ensure her creativity would be at peak performance. And yet, while the backstory might otherwise suggest that her new songs would be anything but optimistic, she seems undeterred. Part of the reason that DeMeyer sounds so assured likely has something to do with the fact that she’s kept her connection with Wood Brothers’ drummer Jano Rix, the producer with whom she’s worked together in the past. In addition, she has an able group of contributors that includes Chris and Oliver Wood. The results make this an admirable effort, one filtered through lessons that are both learned and endured.

March 25, 2021 – by Bill Frater

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