Hey Friends! I hope this note finds you healthy and safe, and sane, in this crazy time. So thankful for all those of you who come to my site to see what’s going on with my music. With the way the world is spinning these days,  I will only say, that my solace along with my family and friends, and my horse, has been to be creative. It is with much joy that I will be bringing you my new album, Seeker, in early 2021. Seeker is a mixture of poetry and soul, and is the result of the musical collaboration between myself and Jano Rix, producer and keyboardist/ drumming ace of The Wood Brothers. “It’s Bob Dylan meets Sly Stone” says bassist Chris Wood (The Wood Brothers, and Medeski Martin and Wood). Co-written and produced by Rix, Seeker grooves at times greasy and other times ethereal, combining both luscious and sparse arrangements with my emotive vocals. Special guests add the finishing sparkle, bringing this rootsy and lyrically deep collection of songs to life. All I can say is, I am extremely proud of this new venture, and I hope it will bring you peace and happiness to your soul, as it has mine in creating it. I will keep you posted as the time it becomes available gets closer. Can’t wait to share this with you. Please feel free to check in with me on Facebook or Instagram for more frequent postings.


Having spent years as a working musician, residing in Nashville was a good thing for Brigitte DeMeyer. Becoming a part of Music City’s vibrant community of artists and industry folks kept her busy, as she carved out her place living and working there, all while raising her young son. Originally from California, she commuted to Nashville for years; relocating full time was a leap of faith — one that paid off. And, while the work has been rewarding, the greatest rewards for the artist are the friendships and partnerships she maintains there. When an urgent need to move back to California came suddenly for her family, DeMeyer had to go. But her spirit keeps deep roots in the South.  (more)

Brigitte DeMeyer


Brigitte DeMeyer - Seeker
Brigitte DeMeyer & Will Kimbrough - Mockingbird Soul
Brigitte DeMeyer - Savannah Road
Brigitte DeMeyer - Rose of Jericho
Brigitte DeMeyer - Red River Flower
Brigitte DeMeyer - Something After All
Brigitte DeMeyer - Nothing After All
Brigitte DeMeyer - Another Thousand Miles