Brigitte DeMeyer - The Americana Music Association

Mockingbird Soul Hits Top 100

Hey Friends!

Looking back at 2017 with happiness, and 2018 with inspiration. Thank you to the great team who did their part to help us put Mockingbird Soul into the world. We toured the country from California to the Midwest, the Southeast, the Netherlands, England and Scotland, to Colorado. It was a great year. We were thrilled with the success and happy to announce we landed at number 70 in the top 100 albums played on Americana Radio. Americana Radio Top 100 2017 Thank you for the love friends.

With 2018 I am currently back at the drawing board working on new songs for the next project, and am excited at what’s coming! Please stay tuned. Let me know what you are up to. You can find me on Facebook or Instagram.

Hope to see you out there!
Musically yours.