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Album Review: Brigitte DeMeyer and Will Kimbrough ‘Mockingbird Soul’


“We figured we might as well put both our names on it and just make it a thing,” says Will Kimbrough, “because the chemistry’s there, the writing’s there, the harmonies are there, and so is our mutual love of all the music these songs are derived from and inspired by.”

After years of writing, recording, touring and collaborating Brigitte DeMeyer and Will Kimbrough join together as an official duo on Mockingbird Soul which was released on January 27th. The twelve-song collection (of which the two co-wrote ten) begins with DeMeyer taking the lead on the soothing, romantic “Everything” which is followed by the “Broken Fences” a song that spotlight the duo’s harmonies, and the funky-blues of “The Juke” which features Kimbrough’s harmonica and DeMeyer’s sultry vocals. The diverse project includes the jazz inspired old-timey feel of “Running Round” lends itself to the theme of the passage of time, the bluesy gospel-tinged title track, the glorious duet “Little Easy,” and the affecting “I Can Hear Your Voice” which tells of the ache of a parent who is physically present but whose mind has flown.

Mockingbird Soul is rounded out with “Honey Bee” whose strong bass line alongside DeMeyer’s smoky vocals exudes a sexy playfulness, the tender “Carpet Bagger’s Lullaby” (which DeMeyer cowrote with Oliver Wood) and album highlight “Until Then” before closing with a cover of the Incredible String Band’s “October Song.”

By blending their varied influences, the duo has arranged a set of songs that are scaled back yet encompassing, crafting an album that’s varied and cohesive, compelling and enchanting, and ultimately, moving.